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Thanks to my good friends

Posted by lasertrader on January 13, 2010

I would like to thank my good friends who called me and sent emails to me after this mornings updated post. It was very hard to wake up to the BIDU disaster. Fortunately I only had a small position but even a small position hurts when you wake up and pre market its 70+ points from where you left it the day before. After a short break and some soul searching I came back and decided to cut the BIDU for the loss because it was such a big distraction. Falling back into day trade mode I went all out at trading my way out of the loss. At the end of the day my account ended up $12 higher than it closed yesterday and I decided to sleep tonight without any positions in my account. I don’t usually do this but here is a log of my trades for today. Some were winners and there were even some small losers but they were good enough to get my Bidu money back. Some of these should be nice continuation trades for tomorrow but after last night I preferred to end the day with my account saying “There are no positions in this account.”

If I can pass along my primary thought as I look back at today, the best thing I did was cut the BIDU short loose and take the hit so I could concentrate on other trades. Have a nice evening.


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