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Sentiment Cycle Update and Holiday Wishes

Posted by lasertrader on December 24, 2011

I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays. This is a time of year to make sure we appreciate and spend quality time with the most important things in life to us.. our family and friends. Thank you for coming to my space on the internet and reading my intermittent ramblings.

Because it is a fun post that received may “hits” I want to post a quick update to the Justin Mamis Sentiment Cycle article I wrote last week .

As a reminder, the Justin Mamis Sentiment Cycle looks like this.

Last Sunday I wrote how the SPX / SPY chart was looking like it was following this cycle very closely and posted this chart.

Here is an updated chart after this week’s action. Even though I have seen this cycle time and time again in many time frames, I am still amazed at how well and how often it can play out. It will be fun to watch as it continues to unfold.

Peace and Happiness to all


One Response to “Sentiment Cycle Update and Holiday Wishes”

  1. evgoodwin said

    Excellent chart and in catching the comparison! I’ve heard similar thoughts over the years but never seen this sentiment cycle written down or anyone actually show a real-time example! Nice job! Catch you over at Stockbee!

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