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Sign That The Top Is In For A While?

Posted by lasertrader on April 25, 2014

I haven’t written a blog post in quite some time because I have been focused on enjoying life. I received an email yesterday that raised a red flag for me. I haven’t seen an email like this since just before the dot com bubble burst. It truly shows that the public is fully engaged in the market. I said to my wife, maybe this email will mark the day the market moves down for an extended time. Today’s price action certainly supports this thesis. Who knows what will happen in this liquidity driven market but when I receive an email like this from a cousin sending it to the extended family distribution list it surely is significant.

Here it is…….


Family and Friends

At the beginning of this year I decided to get back into the stock market because I came to the realization that where we had been keeping our money wasn’t even keeping up with inflation in some cases.

As a Christian, I became intrigued by a guy named Sean Hyman who talked about a Biblical Money Code. Sean is a former pastor turned investment analyst. Bottom line is that I subscribed to his newsletter and started investing in some of his stock picks, In the past twelve weeks since I started, my combined investments that Sean recommended are already up over 8% and I still have 40 weeks to go before a year is up. I feel like I have just completed an MBA in investing after listening to Sean teach me and a few thousand others each week about how to invest safely. Sean is also a frequent guest speaker on Fox Business News, CNBC, etc.
If this is of interest to you, here is a link to a recording of him speaking to the Upper Room Church in Bastrop, LA, last Friday night. It is very educational from both a Biblical and an investment point of view.
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