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A Quick Update To The Justim Mamis Cycle

Posted by lasertrader on January 14, 2012

Time for a quick update on the progression of the Justin Mamis Sentiment Cycle and the current market status. If you read the original post on this topic in December and the follow on post a couple weeks ago you will remember that on December 24th the SPY chart and Mamis cycle overlay looked like this.

Here is where we are 3 weeks later..

If the SPY/SPX continues to script it seems we are headed up to the highs reached last July beore we get some serious hesitation.

Watch for this cycle in the stocks you trade. You will see it quite often and in many time frames.

5 Responses to “A Quick Update To The Justim Mamis Cycle”

  1. Dave said

    Thanks for the reminder Bruce. It is right on track!

  2. Khoi said

    Good prediction Bruce.

  3. jaja2121 said

    Great post.
    And a great tool thank you.
    Any other chart patterns that you find useful?

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